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I am the first Swede chosen to participate in the second round of Gaucho Derby in March 2021. Gaucho Derby is one of the longest and toughest adventure horse races in the world, where I will have ten days to complete 500km through the Patagonian wilderness on horseback. The weight limit for luggage is 10 kg, which will include a tent, sleeping bag, food and all other things I will need to survive. I will sleep out in the wild and I will have to navigate by myself through mountains, valleys, rivers and bogs between checkpoints where there will we veterinary checks for the horses and switch to a fresh horse. Gaucho Derby is said to be the greatest test of both horsemanship and survival skill on Earth. By donating to Cool Earth we help indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. Local people stand to lose the most from deforestation but the most to gain from its protection, that’s why they are the forest’s best possible custodians. All Cool Earth partnerships are community-owned and led. Stopping deforestation also help slowing down climate change. Trees capture greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, preventing them from accumulating in the atmosphere and warming our planet. The forests are key to our climate and home to countless unique species.

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