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Team True Valiant Hamsters takes on the Covid Derby 1000km digital challenge for Cool Earth!

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1)Who are the True Valiant Hamsters?

Ashley Tomaszewski, Sarah Cuthbertson, Karen Briggs, and Kelsey Eliot are all crazy horsewomen who are gonna ride real far. Most of them hail from Canada, save for Kelsey, who is an honorary Canadian for this challenge.

2)What is the Covid Derby?

This digital derby is a 1000km virtual ride challenge born of the unfortunate circumstances of this year. Together, team True Valiant Hamsters will ride a combined 1000km to raise money for Cool Earth!

3)What’s Cool Earth?

Cool Earth is a rad charity that raises money to help save the rainforest!

4)What the heck is a True Valiant Hamster?

We’ve come full circle, see #1!

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