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Three boys who met each other in America. Working together for 10 weeks, we got to know each other pretty well, and we soon realized we all shared a common passion. It seemed that we all enjoyed doing something challenging...Like really challenging. And that is where we agreed that driving a cheap car across one-third of the world, to countries which we had never even heard of, without any safety net or back up, to raise money for charity was a great idea. This is the Mongol rally.

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The Mongol Rally is an intercontinental car rally that begins in London UK and ends roughly two months later in Ulan Ude Russia (Just a bit north of Mongolia!). We three strapping young lads; Josh, Ian and Jack, plan on making this 10000-mile trek in a car worth less than £500, though cities, deserts, mountain ranges and some countries that the Foreign Office probably advises against all but essential travel to.

Well saving the rain forest is essential. As we all know, deforestation impacts all of us, increasing global warming and destroying habitats home to some of the world's most amazing species forever. Cool Earth works with local and indigenous people in the Amazon manage and protect the habitats around them, as locals have the most to lose from deforestation and everything to gain from its protection, they are the best custodians of the rainforest. Cool Earth works on the front-line of deforestation, creating a shield around vast areas to stop loggers having access to even more land.

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