Edric’s 27th Birthday

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Help me raise money to combat deforestations, fight climate change, and improve the lives of indigenous communities for my 27th birthday!

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Since my 25th, I decided to dedicate my birthday each year to raise awareness and contribute to causes that bring the most good to the world. This year, the rising issue of climate change has been at the forefront of my mind. We only have 10 years left to stop global warming exceeding 1.5c before we reach irreversible, catastrophic damage to our planet, economy, and future generations. And we're not doing this fast enough.

Of all the major causes of climate change, deforestation is one of them. About of 3.5 - 7 BILLION trees are cut down each year and forest loss contributes more than 12% of all CO2 emissions. At the same time, rainforests are capable of providing 23% of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed before 2030.

I chose Cool Earth because of their effective and people-first approach in protecting rainforest: empowering the local rainforest communities. Sustainable conservation is only possible when the local people who already live and whose life depends on the rainforest are put first. Often, they have to forcefully give up their land due to cunning pressure from loggers. Covid-19 is making it worse as it exacerbates financial poverty in the community. Cool Earth works directly with the local communities to equip them with the finance, tools, and knowledge they need to protect their forest. They've successfully supported 13 rainforest partnerships, protecting 99K hectares of rainforest and storing 15.7M tonnes of carbon.

By donating to my 27th campaign, together, we can help improve the lives of the people of the forest and create effective changes against climate change. In addition, we also get to TRIPLE our impact through my matching request to Google and The Artemis Charitable Foundation (up to 4 September).

Please help make positive impact, change lives, and save our planet on my special day by donating to this campaign.

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