Walking from Picton to Wanaka (and saving Rainforests along the way)

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In 2018 I walked from Wellington to Auckland. I followed State Highway One for the most part, and slept in a small one person tent. I slid down cliffs, ran into back country Trump Supporters, and powered through a heat wave. I can't wait to do it all again.

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Last time, I fucked up and didn't use the opportunity and the attention I was getting to do anything helpful. So this time round, I'm raising money for the fantastic charity - "Cool Earth".

"Cool Earth" specialize in fighting climate change by protecting rainforests, and they protect rainforests by supporting the indigenous communities who live near them. I'm not even remotely qualified to explain it, so here's the link to their site - https://www.coolearth.org/

On the 10th of December 2020 I will hop on the Interislander to Picton and start walking. I'm going down the coast, passing through Kaikoura and Christchurch, and on the 3rd of February I'm going to rock into Wanaka.

I'm going to do that whether you donate or not, but every dollar you donate will go to "Cool Earth" and if you don't donate, I get to brag about how cool I am to you and you just have to listen to it and feel guilty.

I'll be posting daily updates during the trip on a Facebook/Instagram that haven't been created yet, so you'll be able to follow along. The first trip was nearly half as long and still had a near death experience and an altercation with the police, so you can be assured that it'll be a story worth following.

Finally, here's some nice arbitrary stretch goals to try convince you to donate.

If we somehow raise $250 I'll climb up famous Wanaka Landmark "Nipple Hill" the day I arrive and sing a full album from start to finish, which we'll work out with a poll. I'll learn the lyrics on the walk over, so whatever album wins i'll be forced to listen to a good twenty times. We'll record a video of it, so you can get in on the torture too!

At $500 we'll do a second poll to determine whether or not I dab at the top of "Nipple Hill" as well. I'm the Winston Peters of dabbing, I'm a tad unpredictable and you really don't want the choice left up to me.

Lastly, If you donate $50 dollars before I leave, you can give me a small object you want delivered somewhere vaguely on my route and i'll serve as Snail Mail for you as well. Please keep it small. Please.

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