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In September 2021, we will be taking on the challenge of driving 2 rickshaws across a stretch of the Himalayas, from Jaisalmer to Leh (1600km). To complement this, we are looking to raise funds to support the sponsor of this challenge; CoolEarth, a charity which promotes projects supporting the preservation of global rainforests, to halt the advance of global warming. If, like us, you believe that this represents one of the most severe existential threats to our planet (Donald J, you can close your browser now), we'd really appreciate a donation! "But why would I give money without a pointless display of self-loathing pain?". If this sounds like you, then fear not, we hear you! To convince you to part with some of that hard-earned cash, and as a token of our gratitude, we will collectively be running the length of the Himalayas (2400km) over the next 10 months. We will be posting regular updates of our progress and seeing those £££ rolling in will really help motivate us through those cold winter months! Lots of love from the team aka Mike, Lincoln, Dean, Cindy, Laura and Jordan x

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