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Rallying to save the rain forest!

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We're adventuring from Prague to Russia as part of the Mongol Rally 2021 to explore more of our very Cool Earth and raise some money to support our beautiful Mama Nature and the special people and animals that share our planet x

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At team 'Don't Forget Your Routes' we are chomping at the bit to get off the beaten track and explore new 'routes' as part of the Mongol Rally 2021.

We can't wait to connect with different people on our journey, who all share the 'roots' of being human living on this beautiful planet. In particular, we hope to connect with and talk to young people, and get insights into how they see their world.

We believe a lot can be learned from the joyous curiosity and ancient wisdom children have. We also believe there is massive value in educating young people about how to implement practical positive change for people, animals and the environment. They are the 'little green shoots' of our future!

At the same time, we want to take the opportunity to do some good and raise some dosh for our very Cool Earth.

Rainforest is our global safety net. Supporting local people to protect it is the smartest, most positive climate action there is. We all rely on rainforest, no matter where we may be. Balancing the climate, protecting wildlife and supporting society; its importance cannot be understated.

Arohanui x

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