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RICKSHAW RUN INDIA TEAM #COGNIZIONEZERO 4000km on a rickshaw along all India from north to south to cool the planet!

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To celebrate my 40th birthday in a proper manner, we decided that it has to be a journey, crazy and wild but, becoming over 40, we need to be a bit more responsible,care about things,important things, about the future of all of us.
Maybe just to allow our grandsons to be in the position to chose in 40 years from now, to apply for a new ADVENTURISTS's madness having still a wonderful world to discover.

We will drive our RICKSHAW along all India for around 4000 km on our self made route, will be 15 days of magic, the perfect way to celebrate life and in the meantime trying to raise money for charity in the process! Your support would be appreciated!



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