Mongol Rally 2020 to Save The Rain Forests

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Hello All, So here we are.... not far from embarking on our charity fundraiser rally MONGOLIA. Yes thats right. Driving from Estonia, to Prague where the rally starts....all the way to Mongolia. And.... if that weren't enough, we are going to drive back too...through Siberia !!!! Its going to be extreme, and our car is likely to brake down, or just brake, several times.... but when you raise money for charity, the masses demand stupidity. And we are here to deliver that in the boot load. The rally starts in July 2021, and we hope to finish by....well, we hope to finish, and run the gauntlet with our Russian Visa and get back to safety before it expires. We really hope you will support us in our goal of reaching 1000 pounds for the charity Cool Earth. Every little bit counts... Thanks in advance and please share with friends and family to help us reach this goal. Loads of love to you all, stay safe, and remember to keep laughing. Mike and Juri Take care everyone...

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