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A week on a moped through Romania to prove that some lawyers don't wear suits all the time. "It very quickly became clear, Romania is a ridiculously fun place to ride a monkey bike. The whole country is covered in dirt tracks and unpaved roads which make it the ideal place to let rip on a tiny bike. Romania is also home to the Transfagarasan and Transalpina highways, epic slithers of road strewn across the Romanian landscape like a plate of dropped spaghetti. Jeremy Clarkson once proclaimed the Transfagarasan as “The best road in the world”, not that we care, it’s just that he did… And sure, you could grab yourself a multi-million pound supercar and shred up the highways like that curly haired twat, but that wouldn’t give you access to the miles and miles of demanding off-road terrain the Monkey Bike just hates to love - more at"

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