Fear and Loathing in Rajasthan


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Rach and I will be undertaking an epic journey through the heart of India starting in Kochi in the south and travelling 2,500km, finishing Jaisalmer in the north. We will be climbing mountains, driving stunning coastal roads and some of the world's most dangerous highways before driving through 1000km of Rajasthan desert reminiscent of the motorbike race in the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Our magic carpet on this adventure is a 7 horsepower, glorified lawnmower capable of reaching speeds of 55km/h. The only certainty is complete immersion in the Indian way of life through numerous breakdowns and misdirections in a totally unsuitable vehicle that promises to be the least sensible thing to do with a two week "holiday." Our goal is not only to complete the journey but also raise money to help protect the beautiful PNG from deforestation. This is particularly significant to me as I had the awesome experience of hiking Kokoda this year and seeing the rainforests, villages and people in all their glory. PNG is also Australia's closest neighbour and it is important not only protect our region but also to help it to grow and prosper in an environmentally sustainable way. If you would like more information about the program read below and check the website.

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Cool Earth is partnering with three strategically located villages to halt the advance of the palm frontier from the east – shielding the pristine rainforest behind.

Over a three year period they're aiming to achieve zero deforestation within the partnership areas and to double community incomes. They plan to use exactly the same light touch, community led approach that has so far shielded five million acres of rainforest from the loggers.

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