The Illage Vidiots Rickshaw Run 2016

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Hello! Welcome to our Fundraising page , this is where you can sponsor Chris Xante and Klaudia for their EPIC 3wheeled journey through India .

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Everyone likes a bit of an adventure, wether it be driving 2500km through India on a glorified lawnmower, Skiing in the french alps perhaps or maybe flying away for a week on a hot sunny beach is more your thing? Or maybe you like a good old caravan holiday in sunny Wales, whatever your fancy you can be sure that it takes a little toll on our good green planet. Now im not going to preach about how important the rainforest is to Everybody! Or how withought them the world is going to overheat and explode! I just ask you donate a little bit of cash to help these guys in preserving probably the most important bunch of trees on the planet. And of course say thank you very much. From Chris Xante and Klaudia xx

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