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3,500ks in a Rickshaw for Charity When - 01.01.2016 - 14.01.16 Where - Kochi, India --> Jaisalmer, India Since the dawn of time there have been tales of great heroes… Men and women who set off on adventures to conquer towering obstacles and defy formidable enemies. Their triumphs spawn countless poems, novels, films, sequels and reboots that attempt to illustrate just how unbelievable their lives truly were… We’re not asking to be one of these people… We just want a story to tell our grandson on our deathbed, so he thinks we’re absolute legends…. I want to tell him “Listen you may think you’re cool with your IPhone 23 and you’re virtual reality vacations and your self-driving cars. Well back in 2016, life wasn’t all-perfect. Rainforests were being destroyed and there was this thing called climate change. Also, not only were kids unable to teleport to school, some kids didn’t even have a school! As a full time traveller I somehow found myself sitting at a dingy bar in Bali with two Canadians, one Brit, one Merican, two Aussies and two Kiwis. An awful guy to girl ratio. We sipped cheap whiskey and proposed ideas to solve all the worlds’ problems… But with our combined lack of resources and overall intelligence, we knew there was only one way… I ended up signing a legally binding contract on a bar napkin written with my own blood. The first day of the New Year, we’d be embarking on… THE RICKSHAW RUN. A 14-day road trip from the bottom of India to the top in a 3-wheeled Tuk Tuk (a tricycle with an engine). There would be many wrong turns, mechanical and mental breakdowns, mutinies, a love-hate relationship with Indian food, all while raising money for charities saving the world. I went through every stage of acceptance learning that these highly unstable glorified tricycles will break down continuously; there will be no set directions and more obstacles in our path than a Japanese game show. There was 1.2 billion people in India, 140 million vehicles and 7 lads who don’t know North from South. WHY SHOULD YOU DONATE? Because behind the madness there is actually a very good cause. We’re raising funds for two charities, one being The Adventurists epic designated charity: Cool Earth. The rest will go towards a non-profit close our hearts: World Teacher Aid. COOL EARTH Cool Earth is an environmental charity that works in partnership with the indigenous communities. The charity only protects rainforest that without intervention will be destroyed within the next 18 months. Cool Earth works strategically, protecting forest that acts as a barrier to a wider landscape. The charity spends just over 10% of your donation on admin and governance making sure as much as possible goes to project areas. Through working with local people, Cool Earth makes sure conservation goes hand and hand with better livelihoods.

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