Rickshaw Run January 2016 – Team Tukkin’ Hell

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This coming January, my brother and I will be embarking on the ridiculous adventure that is the Rickshaw Run. In short, we will be traversing 3000km of the Indian sub-continent in little more than a lawnmower, dodging potholes, snakes, corrupt policemen and the effects of roadside cuisine. I would like to say our motives are entirely altruistic, but frankly, it just sounds absurdly fun. That being said, our recklessness is entirely self-funded and every £10 donated (naturally, you will be donating in multiples of) will go directly to Cool Earth - a wonderful charity dedicated to saving the worlds rainforests. We will of course keep you updated with tales / video evidence of our misfortune and drunken incompetence; so consider it an investment.

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