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On the 20th March I will be running a half marathon (21.0975 kilometres/13.1094 miles/far). I am hoping to raise some dollars for Cool Earth who do pretty great work to help protect endangered animals and save rainforests. Back in 2015, Indonesia was on fire for over two months, trees were being burnt down for palm oil. Adjacent countries, including Singapore, were completely covered in a haze, all just so we could have our peanut butter on toast! This kind of thing is happening all the time. So please, if you're feeling generous, help out. If you're not feeling generous, please still help out. You would be helping put local people back in control with the resources they need to keep their rainforest intact. I would be really grateful (and hopefully motivated) by any donation, no amount too small. Take a look at Cool Earth's awesome stats below and the sort of things the charity is doing to look after us all:

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I hope the idea of me running and being massively out of my comfort zone is somewhat worth a donation from you, THANK YOU!

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