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When in Rome......or India for that matter. A little but challenging trip to India seems like a perfect opportunity to raise a pound or two for a great charity. As we (Ed Bowe, Jamie Bubb and Will Mansfield) jet off to India to take part in the Rickshaw Run, a trans-Indian, 2700km adventure in nothing but a Rickshaw - or tuc-tuc for us non-fanatics - it seems only right that we do our bit to help the charity partners of the trip, Cool Earth, in raising a few pennies. Those precious pennies will go towards some great projects as the site demonstrates if you have a quick butchers. Anyway, we'll deal with the peaks and troughs, the Himalayas and the Delhi-bellies if you will, whilst it would be greatly appreciated if you could donate a couple of your hard earned pounds sterling to aid saving the precious rainforests and those living in it. We're entirely self-funded (rightly so as we're going to have a great time) so everything you donate will go to charity. I've no doubt there will be plenty of photos and tales to tell of our misfortune over a beer when we get back, however I wouldn't get too excited about another naked calendar unfortunately. Thank you for your generosity. Peace and love! p.s. this is what we’ve signed up to http://www.theadventurists.com/rickshaw-run/

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