Rickshaw Run August 2016

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117% of Goal

WARNING... all donations are in british pounds. so for all our aussie and kiwi mates you roughly want to half what your going to donate in the donation box. 5 pound = $10, 10 pound = $20, 50 pound = $100, and so on........ Now for the good stuff, 6 gentlemen are braving death, dirt and diarrhoea to raise funds to help those who need it. The great bunch of lads on this mission, Josh "the giraffe" Ivory, Nick "the mans man" Turney, Jesse "danger zone" Hardy, Tait " the beautiful" Geue, Colin "the crazy Dutch bastard" Rockfort, And the big ginger man

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Driving from Shillong to Kochi (3500km depending on how lost we get) in a beat up rickshaw! We will be up with some serious challenges. From deadly roads, gun wielding bandit to pants ruining delicacies!

But it's all for a good cause. All online donations will be going to Cool Earth. if you've never heard of these guys they're a good bunch of humans that have took it upon themselves to halt the destruction of rainforests and the villages that rely on the rainforest for there lively hood. with almost half the worlds rainforests being destroyeed in the last 40 years these troopers are doing a great job but need all the help they can get.

As well as raising for Cool Earth or team of lunatics will be raising funds in person through cash donations that we will use during our trip to give help where we can to people less fortunate, equip schools, medicines, help at orphanages....

We'd love your help to make this adventure not just memorable but beneficial for so many others.



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