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Who says foolhardy endeavors are only for the young and naive? We are Jason and Brian, a couple of mid-career professionals from North Carolina. As an analytic chemist and software engineer, we spend our lives dealing with numbers, logic and process -- surrounded by all the comforts of modern life. It's time to turn that shit upside down... and help save some rain forest in the process! This April, as part of the Rickshaw Run, we will attempt to maneuver an auto rickshaw (a glorified tricycle powered by a lawn mower engine -- yes, that thing to the left) from Jaisalmer to Shillong -- 1,700 miles in all -- across the north of India. Scroll down a bit to see a short video of what we're in for. Please participate in the insanity vicariously by making a tax-deductible donation to the event charity, Cool Earth. We will blog from the road April 1-16 so you can participate as we take in the sights, battle breakdowns, outwit bandits, and dodge cows... all from the comfort of your living room/local bar. Blog link: http://tracking.theadventurists.com/#rickshawrun/rickshawrun2016b/my-midlife-crisis

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