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At AlwaysBeEpic, we believe in giving; as we believe the best way to live is to give. It sits at the very core of who we are as human beings, here to help others. We are three friends - DaveRisner, Derek and Cecil - who met in Chicago over twenty years ago, with one of us having moved to Los Angeles and the other to San Francisco. We have not been in the same room together in quite some time. To remedy that, we have decided to be in a tuk-tuk at the end of this month in India to race in the Rickshaw Run. Driving a tuk-tuk could quite possibly be the dumbest thing we’ve ever done. Driving a tuk-tuk 2500 km from one end of Northern India to the other, most certainly is. That being said, amidst this tomfoolery, we will be also be raising money and awareness for an organization we strongly believe in - Cool Earth. Since we are also adventurers at heart, we love being in the outdoors; nature holds a special place in our heart. To that end, we are raising money for Cool Earth. We like what the Adventurists (the organization hosting the race) said: "Not only is the Rickshaw Run an industrial dose of adventure, it’s also about Saving the World... one rainforest at a time…. [our] official charity [is] Cool Earth." We can certainly get behind saving the world - one person and one rainforest at a time; and hope you can too. The race starts on 4/3/16; and we would love to be able to donate the money we raise by then. Have we said ‘thank you’ yet? Thank you!! Ready. Set. Go!

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