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Sometime in April we will be riding a small motorised Rickshaw from somewhere in India to somewhere else in India. We have been told that we will cover 2700km and that we should take lots of Immodium and Duct Tape. We also heard that we can do it all in the name of saving this beautiful earth and the creatures that live in it. We have hence decided to dedicate our mad run across India (an event organised by The Adventurists and taking place from the 2nd - 16th April) to two different but similar organisations, namely Cool Earth and Rhino Conservation Botswana. Cool Earth stands for the protection and regeneration of the worlds Rainforests through engagement with local communities - we think that this is the kind of initiative that can really make a difference with our help. We want to know that for every flat tyre and every wrong turn our adventure is in some small way contributing positively to the incredible natural areas we still have on this planet. Rhino Conservation Botswana has been successfully reintroducing Black and White Rhino into the expanse of the Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana where they are safe from the current poaching epidemic. This epic operation has been running successfully for the past 15 years and as far as we are concerned is one of the most important animal relocations in recent history. There are about 25 000 of these ugly unicorns left in the world and their numbers are dropping. We need all hands on deck to save them and the more people galavanting around India in tin cans with engines for the sake of collecting money for this project the better!

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We are supporting two different organisations and we ask any of you good people willing to make a donation to choose which organisation to support. This page allows you to make a donation directly to Cool Earth, if you would like to make a donation to Rhino Conservation Botswana please follow this link http://rhinoconservationbotswana.com/index.html

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