Tash and Dave’s rick-unsure Indian adventure time!

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This April so called adventurists Tash and Dave will make their way to India to take part in the Rickshaw Run challenge for charity. Their mission, to navigate the roads and wilds of India from North West to North East over 14 days, covering a distance of 2,700km, in a 145cc motorized rickshaw. No-one said this would be easy. Looking forward to the adventure time, immersing in the culture, meeting the locals and hopefully getting into some trouble along the way, this trip will be a once in a lifetime - and it is all for a great cause! Help us raise some funds for Cool Earth, a charity invested in working with indigenous cultures to help stop rainforest destruction and reduce the effects of climate change globally. https://www.coolearth.org/why-rainforests/

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We are looking forward to this totally life changing experience and hope you can come on the journey with us. We will be documenting the run via live blogging and social when we can get connection.


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