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In the summer of 2016 a team known as TaylorSwiftFans, comprised of Max Allen, Duncan Loader and Owain Thomas will to attempt to drive roughly six thousand miles from Southampton to Mongolia in a car we are going to purchase for under £500. The car is going to be old, probably broken, and significantly underpowered. By the end of this drive we are probably going to have nothing more than a one litre engine, a chassis and some wheels held together by duct tape, magic and our collective knowledge of cars. None of us knows anything about cars but I remain confident that we'll find a way around that somehow.

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This endeavour is going to be for charity and we are raising money for CoolEarth whose website the fundraising page is on. The gist is that they help to prevent deforestation in rainforests but if you want to know more there is more information on the website. We are paying for the car and everything else we need to make this journey so all of the money we raise through donations will be going straight to charity. However if anybody is willing to help us out by donating anything they think would help us out, eg. knowledge about cars, some cool stickers we could put on the car, beer etc, that would be very greatly appreciated as well. To keep up with how we're doing follow @maxxallen on twitter, we'll try and post fairly often so you'll get a good idea of how well/disastrously we're doing.

Thank you.

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