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Ever watched "An inconvenient truth"? Ever heard about "climate change"? It's unfortunately happening. And unfortunately doing a 3,000 km race through India on a 7 horse-powered 3-wheeler rickshaw is not exactly an environment-friendly activity either... So we feel guilty and would like to pay our debt to mother nature. And since we believe that we are not the only ones doing once in while stuff that harms the environment we invite our friends and anyone interested in the adventure to do the same! We would like to raise min. 1,000 GBP for this purpose...which in turn will save about 10 acres of rainforest. Which again equals about the size of 10 football pitches! There you go...YOUR donation will help to decrease the potential for the talent development of the Brazilian football league so that Germany's chances to win coming FIFA worldcups will hopefully increase ..and YOU can be part of this effort! So what are you waiting for? Donate and follow our journey on

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