Genghis kahns barmy army meets Cool Earth and Build Africa

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4 men, 20 nations, 5 mountain ranges, 4 deserts, 3 seas and 1 car. All for the sack of charity. We have set ourselves this challenge to raise money for Cool Earth and Build Africa. Two fantastic causes.

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Dear friends and family

Just over a month ago Hamish Laing, Edward Williams, Anthony Berkeley and I, agreed to put ourselves to the test by embarking on a long and dangerous journey to Mongolia as part of the Mongol Rally. While we shall be seeing some extraordinary and wonderful places along the way, in countries that we would never normally get the chance to go near, let alone visit. We will also have to overcome 5 mountain ranges, 4 deserts, 3 seas, pass through at least 17 countries and overcome some of the worst off road conditions you can find, all in 1 car. The reason behind this adventure is to raise money for two fantastic charities.
Please help by sponsoring us on this heroic quest by donating towards these two brilliant charities.
To be clear, all of these donations will go to the charities themselves and not towards funding our journey.

The first £1000 will go towards the charity ‘Cool Earth’, which is working toward saving the rain forests and the indigenous groups who live within them, across three continents around the world.
Any other donations beyond this point will go towards our second charity, Build Africa, which works to improve the educations of young boys and girls living rural parts of Uganda and Kenya.
Please donate all that you can to these two fantastic causes, every pound will go a long way in making a big difference.

Many thanks and best wishes to all


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