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Hello all! Do you want to do your part to help save the rainforests? How about help NZ kids born with heart conditions and their families? Well listen up! We’re doing The Adventurists’ Rickshaw Run, and as part of this we are trying to raise funds for Cool Earth and HeartKids New Zealand. “Yes, yes, yes” you say, this is all good and well but, who the heck is “we”, what the f**k is the “Rickshaw Run” and what exactly are these charities all about? First things first, “we” is Thomas Chan, Kelly Wyse and Daniel Andrew. We are a trio of Perth based Kiwis, banding together to form the Bharatmen - a team of idiots who for some reason decided it would be funny to dress up as Batmen (and a Batwoman) jump in a “7 horsepower glorified lawnmower” painted to look (somewhat) like the Batmobile and tackle the North of India. On April the 4th we’ll roll out from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan as part of a fleet of Rickshaws travelling 2,700 km along no set route to Shilong, Meghalaya. We have two weeks to complete this epic journey in a vehicle that the organisers describe as “wholly unsuitable”. If you want to check out what this madness looks like take a quick look at this clip: https://youtu.be/lLOQQ7ge_0Q. If you want to follow our story, see us get lost, see us break down and see what else the Indian roads can throw at us along our adventure, you can follow our blog by heading to the Adventurists website, here: http://www.theadventurists.com/home/ and following the prompts to check out all the live action starting April the 4th. Now all this isn’t just for fun, as part of the Rickshaw Run, all teams are asked to raise some moolah for charity. Half of the money we raise will be going to Cool Earth and the other half will be going to HeartKids New Zealand. We are funding the entire trip ourselves and all donations will be going wholly to these causes. Cool Earth are an NGO that help combat anthropogenic global warming and protect ecosystems by shielding rainforests from deforestation. Cool Earth work alongside those who stand to lose the most from deforestation, the rainforest’s local indigenous communities, to halt the advance of logging. Cool Earth are currently working on the frontline of deforestation in Peru, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Papua New Guinea. Cool Earth have saved over 600,000 acres of rainforest equating to over 150,000,000 trees that have been saved! If you want to know more you can check out Cool Earth here: https://www.coolearth.org. HeartKids New Zealand are a non-government funded, New Zealand based charity who work to improve the lives of Kiwi children with heart conditions and their families. Heart conditions are the most common birth defect and HeartKids New Zealand help to provide specialist equipment, educational resources, networking opportunities and emotional support. HeartKids New Zealand support children who are born with heart defects and those who acquire heart disease during childhood, from diagnosis through childhood, the teenage years and into adulthood. Want to know more? Check out HeartKids New Zealand here: http://www.heartkids.co.nz/. So follow our adventure, laugh hysterically as we get lost, break down and struggle with extreme culture shock but most importantly please donate to Cool Earth and HeartKids New Zealand on our behalf.

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