Shillong Way Round – Rickshaw Run April 2016

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118% of Goal

5 brits and a yank, determined to use their superpowers for good and travel the width of India riding glorified lawnmowers all to raise money for projects around the world with the Cool Earth charity.

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Why are we doing this? Because we can (we think) look after ourselves, but others aren't so fortunate. We're teaming up with the charity, Cool Earth, to raise money for clean water projects around the world so that people less fortunate than your espresso-soy-sugar-free-latte sipping self don't keel over and die while drinking the only water available to them from diseases we not had to deal with for a couple of hundred years. Cool Earth takes a holistic approach, helping villagers in remote areas, providing mosquito nets, saving rain forests... in addition to providing clean water.
So please, I implore you, I ask you, I beg you... put your hand in your pocket, not for me, but for someone who is pretty much like you but didn't win the birth lottery and was born in a place where drinking the one thing we take for granted, needed for life, ends up killing them or their loved ones. Donations are tax free, in the US they are a 501(c)(3) with the tax id (EIN) 26-3688173 and in the UK they are UK Registered Charity, no. 1117978. ** 100% ** of your donations will go directly to the communities affected (, as The Michael Uren Foundation has paid all of the Cool Earth overheads for 2016!).

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