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You've made it to Eric & Shane's fundraising campaign for Cool Earth. This is a good part of the interwebs.

Save the trees, save the world! We like breathing adequate oxygen levels and taking walks in the greenery. The only time we don't like trees is when they're chopped down and they fall on the road that our tiny car is trying to pass on.

So, please, help get us to Ulan-Ude, Russia without getting blocked by chopped down trees, and in the process, help preserve some of our planet's most important natural habitat, medicine sources and oxygen generating machines. Essentially, help preserve life! We only have one planet.

We are fighting to make the world less boring, but we're also fighting for the world. Join our tiny army! The trees and ourselves are most happy to have you on board, however small or large a donation you can muster.

All the best,
The Hungry Astronauts

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