Mongol Rally 2016 Ardnamongolia

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This year myself and two fellow Ardnamurchan residents are doing the Mongol Rally. Each year the Rally organisers select a charity they deem to be worthwhile and all competitors must raise a certain amount to compete. This year's charity is CoolEarth. CoolEarth is a charity that aim to slow the current rate of rainforest deforestation and attempt to preserve as many animal and plant species as possible. They also work closely with indigenous people of the rainforest to help preserve their way of life. CoolEarth only intervene in areas of rainforest that will disappear within 18 months if nothing is done and they will only use 10% of any donation for admin and governance. The irony of burning 10,000 miles worth of fuel to help try and save the rainforest isn't lost on me, however, its a good cause. Probably. I'll just offer our thanks for any help you might be able to offer and if you wish to know anything else about the charity follow the links at the top of the page. Best Regards, Ardnamongolia Rally Team.

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