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So, in August 2016 we will be embarking on a 3500km Rickshaw race through India from Shillong to Cochin. For 3 weeks we will battle monsoon rains and 40 degree heat on the most dangerous roads in the world in a 7HP Tuk Tuk which will break down a lot . We are trying to raise money to help an awesome charity that works with indigenous populations, bringing them out of poverty and giving them the resources to save their own forest. We are aiming to raise £1000 which will help save around 17 acres of rain forest. Any donations however small are appreciated thank you :)

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The three idiots undertaking this challenge are James Sutton, Ryan Leadbeater and James Curtis. It is genuinely a stupid idea to try to drive so far in something used for inner city transportation and usually the rickshaw will break down at least once a day. Please help in any way you can.

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