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There were three in the bed and the little one said roll over......... Maybe not but there will be three grown men in the ultimate* cross country vehicle, a Fiat "God damn" Panda named Barry** driving from Blighty to the arse end of Mongolia in 1 month or less***, or we may die. Head Panda (Ned), at Business Panda HQ heard that the best yak milk can be sourced in Mongolia so we are on a mission to find it. We are self funding the trip but aiming to raise at least 500 English pounds to help Cool Earth's (a charity) mate Dave protect his little bit of the rain forest which in due course will help us all (sleep better at night in the knowledge that you bought a ticket through the pearly gates, everyone loves a bribe). *shittest **I want her to be called Barry but who ever donates donates can have a say (money talks...) ***less is more, unless its more then its less ****unicorn

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Lots of miles, a £850 car, 3 (potential) alcoholics and panda face paint every day, EVERYTHING will go wrong!

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