Rickshaw Run 2016

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The Rickshaw Run is a 3,500km drive across India in an auto-rickshaw run by a 7 horsepower glorified lawnmower mower. Starting in Shillong in the northeastern corner of the country the Race(term used loosely), meanders down to the the southwestern coast in less than three weeks. There is no set route, support, or really guidance of any kind, save to watch for bandits and be prepared to break down and get lost. After the loss of our comrade noah we have adopted a wonderful frenchman named zach who will surely lead us to victory with guitar in hand. We, the 'Garlic Naan Conformorsists' will try to manage this 'un-route' this august through both consistent inferno like temperatures and the late summer monsoon. Part of this self-indulgent adventure is gathering funds to support cool earth. It's our small attempt to stave off the imminent flooding of the some 40 million people of the Indian coastline. Furthermore it is our hope that the next generation of reckless travelers will not be driving through a waterless 130 degree desert. With no brakes, seat belts, windows or semblance of traffic laws to protect us, we can only hope to sooth our anxious foreign hearts with the knowledge we've saved a good chunk of trees along the way. We shall do our best to protect ourselves, make it to Kochi and keep our loyal supporters updated along the way. Immense gratitude to anyone who can help put us towards the organization's goal of 1,000 British pounds per team to charity.

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