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A 3,500-km pan-Indian adventure in what is essentially a 7-horsepower glorified lawn mower otherwise known as a rickshaw or tuk tuk. The Rickshaw Run is without a doubt the craziest thing any of us has attempted. Three of us - Kate Connors, Michelle Wylie, and Margo Schaedel are heading out to India in August 2016. The plan is to get from Northern India (Shillong) to the southern tip (Cochin) in the alarmingly short span of two weeks and raise as much funding as we can for charity whilst doing so. No set route, no back-up vehicle, and no clue as to whether we will even make it out of the first city! There’s a start line and a finish line and everything in between will just have to be made up along the way. The only certainties are that we will get lost, we will break down, and we will have an uproariously good time along the way (or at least, all our viewers will - yes, there will be video documentation of us during the trip) Why are we nuts enough to be doing this, you ask? Mostly because Kate loves to test her limits by placing herself in new and uncomfortable situations (magical moments!), Wylie lives in them pretty much 24/7, and Margo is an outspoken advocate for the rescue of this world's rapidly diminishing rainforests!

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Aside from the already daunting task of traversing the entire state of India, we will be putting the "fun" back into "fundraising" by livening the trip up with the addition of ten random, funny, crazy challenges throughout the trip, each one to mark every hundred pounds raised towards our goal of one-thousand pounds. Send us your challenge suggestions (along with your money for Cool Earth) and we’ll add them to the mix!

Additionally, we have got some super snazzy tees to hand out to our lucky donors of 100 pounds or more!

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