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I'm going to Mongolia. I need to raise money. You need to help me. You give money yes. I send my house mate round to give you favours. Or you come round mine I don't care

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Firstly what the sh*t is this:

People need money to eat food.

Some of these people live in big woods called rainforests.

To make the money trees die.

= Less tree babies.

= deaded animals.

= More CO2

= We get hot.


So the money raised helps people who live and own the rain forests to find other sources of income rather than cut down all the trees see.

My goal... well it's to annoy as many people as possible before I die....

Maybe this is a trade off where I have to help people... it says here a few 1000... to get the opportunity to annoy people if far away countries.. several 1000 is a tall order but I think I can do it and you can help me. I promise to be ultra mega annoying, more annoying than thought possible, I promise to include my big lips in many of the annoyances, I promise I will never die.

Look as this bloke below (if it is that picture).. doesn't he look stupid. I can help make him look less stupid and bring him a better hat and annoy him at the same time.

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