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Hello lovely people! Welcome to our donation page. Before you go any further, please know that this trip has been paid for in full, the money raised here won't be spent on extra bowls of rice, cups of chai, or on airlifting one of us to the nearest working medical facility. So without boring you too much, some of you may or may not know, we (Ben Kennie & Mark) have entered the Rickshaw Run this year, due to set off around the 3rd of August. What this means is, we're planning on racing 3500km from the top to the bottom of India in nothing but an old Rickshaw... With no prior experience, one member of the team who can't even ride a bike and a somewhat lack of our surroundings without google maps, we're in for an exciting ride. Whilst we'll be keeping you all entertained with our constant highs, lows and general mishaps, the guys running the event put this on to also raise some money for charity. The mantra is something along the lines of if you're going to do something this stupid, you should at least try and raise a bit of money for charity whilst you're at it! So... We're sure you're going to enjoy coming on this ride with us, so why not dig deep - 100% of it goes directly to.....

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