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My dear friends and family - I've been in my hometown, the Burgh, for nearly 8 months. This is too long. So in August, along with two friends and against 30 other teams, I'll be racing across the entire Indian subcontinent in a two cylinder, motorized tricycle with a whopping seven horsepower. The entry fee has been paid, but I'm not just doing this for me. I'm doing it to inspire a sense of adventure in others and to make sure there are plenty of places left to get lost in the world. So, in support of my goal, please consider donating 5 or 10 GBP (Don't worry...they're cheap after Brexit) to the non-profit Cool Earth, which works to conserve rain forests. Yes for ecological reasons, but perhaps more importantly, in order to preserve a place on the earth where Google maps isn't too much help. - Brandt Scheidemantel

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Toss Cool Earth some British Pounds in support of my absurd race across 3,500km of India!

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