What happens when your home disappears into the sea?

For thousands of people living in the Solomon Islands, close to Cool Earth’s Orangerie Bay partnership in Papua New Guinea,…

What happens when your home disappears into the sea?
Goodfellow's tree kangaro biodiversity

Papua New Guinea has extremely high biodiversity. The total number of different plants and animals in Papua New Guinea is…

Biodiversity in Papua New Guinea
girl holding parrot in papua new guinea

Meet Gadaisu village, one of the most at-risk villages of Papua New Guinea.

Meet the village you could save

5.2 million hectares of land in Papua New Guinea has been handed over to loggers. In 1996 the government developed…

The illegal land grab in Papua New Guinea
Introducing.... Project Yakolima

Today, Cool Earth launches its new project in Papua New Guinea. It’s been three years in the making and means…

Introducing…. Project Yakolima
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Fighting for the environment on the catwalk. The rainforests of Papua New Guinea are a far cry from the catwalks…

Vivienne and Daphne Fight To End Ecocide

Beautiful, yes it is. But the cassowary is rightfully considered the most dangerous bird in the world. Its 3-toed feet…

Birdwing butterfly

The largest butterfly in the world is the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing – with a wingspan of a massive 31cm across.…

Birdwing butterfly
1000 new species discovered in New Guinea

Over 1000 new species have been discovered in Papua New Guinea. The research spanned a decade and included the discovery…

1000 new species discovered in New Guinea

The sexual development, mating habits and social hierarchy of the rainforest dwelling orangutans are more heavily dependent on their environment…

Food, sex and the male orangutan
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