The Cool Earth Toolbox

The Cool Earth Toolbox

Working directly with communities is the most effective way to halt rainforest destruction. We want this smart approach to be copied around the world so we’re in the process of putting everything Cool Earth has learnt into an open source Toolbox.

Its an in-depth phased process to keep trees standing, long term.

This is how it works…

Phase 1: Discovery

The discovery phase is all about knowledge sharing. We learn from the community about the importance of their forest and their reasons for wanting to protect it, while they find out more about us and how we work.

Phase 2: Planning

The discovery phase leads to a feasibility report, which helps everyone decide whether the partnership should go ahead. Together, we start planning.

Phase 3: Doing

Once we’ve meticulously planned, we work closely with the community to get stuff done. We upskill, train and support in everything from finance to project management, so we know everyone has what they need to really make things happen.

Phase 4: Concluding

Concluding a partnership is far more important than launching one. And it’s still the one thing we are working hardest to get right. We want to be sure our partnerships have everything in place to succeed long term, and only then will we step away.

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