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Frequently Asked Questions - Race for Rainforest

What is Race for Rainforest?

Race For Rainforest is a virtual charity fitness challenge raising money for Cool Earth – helping to back people to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis.

Taking part is simple. Simply set up your fundraising page on JustGiving here.

What you choose to do and where you choose to do it is totally up to you. You can pick to run, swim, cycle, walk, row or whatever you choose. Anything that clocks up your kilometres. As a virtual fundraising event you can do your distance wherever and whenever you want.

Your fundraising target, if you’d like to receive a limited edition Cool Earth t-shirt (optional), is £50 and a distance of 50 miles for the month is recommended, but not compulsory – do more if you wish.

When is Race for Rainforest?

Race for Rainforest takes place from 1st to 31st May 2023.

Your target distance for the month is 50 miles.

Where is Race for Rainforest?

This is a virtual event, so you can take part whenever and wherever you’d like, whether it’s a daily swim, weekly scoot, monthly marathon, or weekend cycle.

How do I sign up?

Set up your fundraising page here, set your fundraising goal (it’s currently set to £50) and then share your page far and wide and get those donations in. Finally, get moving in May.

Can children take part?

They can indeed. We do ask that anyone under the age of 18 is registered by their parents or guardians, who will need to approve the terms and conditions. We ask that parents or guardians of any fundraisers under the age of 16 be in charge of any money raised if the child is fundraising offline (as recommended by the UK Fundraising Regulator).

Does it cost to take part?

Nope. Run for Rainforest is free, all we ask for is your commitment to saving the planet. We do ask that fundraisers aim to fundraise £50 (or more) through sponsorship. Once you make it to that cash goal, we’ll send you a limited edition Cool Earth tee (optional).

Can I change my fundraising goal after I’ve started?

Absolutely. You can up your fundraising target if you reach your goal. You can also decide to do a longer distance over the course of a month if you wish.

Can I choose my own distance or route?

Yes you can. As mentioned before, we’d love it if you could do a minimum of 50 miles. With this being a virtual event, you can also choose to do your activity wherever you want, whether it’s on a rowing machine, in the water or up a mountain.

Can I take part as a team?

Absolutely. You could either share a singular fundraising page which has everyone’s name listed, or if you’d prefer to raise money individually you can create a ‘Team Page’ and link all of your separate fundraising pages together.

Can I purchase any merch?

We will have Cool Earth t-shirts available on our online shop. But, if you’d like to get one for free, fundraise £50 and we’ll get one in the post to you.

About your fundraising

How much should I fundraise?

We are asking everyone to set a target of £50 and, if you smash this goal, you’ll receive a limited edition Cool Earth t-shirt (optional).

Don’t forget to share your fundraising page with EVERYBODY that you know. Send them the link via email or text, share it on social media, and create posters. Just do what you got to do. If you want to fundraise offline, you can also download a sponsorship form here.

When should I reach my target by?

Reach the £50 target before 31st May 2023 and you’ll get to don your Cool Earth t-shirt during your fundraiser. We’d aim to have all donations wrapped up by the end of June. If you need a little longer or any help at all, just get in touch.

Can I fundraise offline?

Absolutely. Download our sponsorship form here. You can find details of how to pay in offline sponsorship here.

About tracking your miles

How can I keep track of the miles I’ve covered?

Once you have set up your fundraising page you can connect your fundraising page to Strava integration or by manually uploading them yourself through the updates option.

You can download the Strava App to your phone and link it to your fitness and activity tracker.

When can I start clocking my miles?

You can start tracking your distances and adding them to your fundraising page from 1st September 2022. This can be done through Strava or manually.

Can I keep adding my activities after May?

No. This virtual event runs from 1st May – 31st May 2023.

Can I link my tracking and fitness device?

JustGiving has an integration option with Strava. Your tracking device can automatically sync with one of these and update your fundraising page each time you log a distance.

Getting a team together

How do I go about creating a team?

You can find out more about Group Pages and Team Pages on the Just Giving website

Taking part as an organisation

How can we take part?

That’s totally up to you. You can either fly solo or group together as a team. If you do decide to set up as a team, why not set that distance target high or start some friendly competition between different departments.

Can our organisation match fund our fundraising total?

If you’d like to double your impact and want to match the donations your staff fundraise please contact our team via [email protected] and we’ll make sure you get all the information you need to do this.

Are there other ways in which we can support?

Of course. Get in touch with our team and we’ll be in touch to talk about any other opportunities there may be for your organisation to support Race for Rainforest.

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