Tags for cooler Earth with Kvadrat and Maxwell Ashford

Tagging transparency in environmental practices.

A transparent approach to sustainability

Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat and British designer Maxwell Ashford have joined forces to create ‘Tag’, a project focused on addressing the ecological impacts of production and consumption. Ashford’s practice revolves around sustainable innovation, perfectly aligning with Kvadrat’s commitment to responsible design.

To take this commitment one step further, a donation from each tote bag in the ‘Tag’ project will be made to Cool Earth to support direct climate action in the world’s biggest rainforests.

Rethink: Exploring the future of textiles

The ‘Tag’ project is part of Kvadrat’s Rethink exhibition, which explores the future of textiles and interiors. This initiative brings together international designers, artists, and thinkers to provide perspectives on more responsible design practices.

Within this framework, Ashford created a design which prominently features 10 different Kvadrat fabrics. Each fabric is crafted into a reusable tote bag, carrying not just items but a powerful message about environmental impact.

Tag: Transparency you can carry

Each bag comes with a label detailing the fabric’s environmental credentials through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data. This innovative approach allows consumers to easily compare the sustainability of different materials.

Tag project by Kvadrat and Maxwell Ashford. © Casper Sejersen

This collaboration encourages transparency in the textile industry and pushes for the development of ecologically adaptive materials that can benefit everyone. By allowing easy comparison between different fabrics’ environmental impacts, ‘Tag’ empowers consumers to make informed choices and challenges the industry to prioritise sustainability.

Make good things happen in rainforest now

Backing transparent communication about the ecological impact of materials benefits everyone, everywhere. Adapting to and striving in the face of the climate crisis starts with the way we communicate about our impact.

Kvadrat’s collaboration project, ‘Tag’, launched in June 2024. Each tote bag can be acquired through a donation to Cool Earth, directly supporting climate action in the three biggest rainforests on the planet.

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