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Aerial panorama of the Rio Napo at dawn in the Ecuadorian Amazon with the first rays of the sun illuminating the forest canopy.

As dawn rises and dusk settles, the canopy of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest resonates with an unmistakable booming. It’s the call of the loudest land mammal; the howler monkey.

The voice of the forest, these red primates’ calls can be heard up to five kilometres away. It’s likened to an alarm sounding, a warning passing through the trees. With good reason; the howler monkey’s home is under threat.

Their call to action inspires local grassroots organisation Yakum’s mission. Taken from the Shuar word for Howler Monkey, Yakum is supported by Cool Earth to regenerate the forests of the Ecuadorian Amazon with the communities that live within them.

Planting tree nurseries in Ecuador | Yakum | Forest conservation

Photo credit: Alejandra Muñoz Santos / YAKUM

Like many rainforest nations, Ecuador is experiencing unsustainable development at an alarming rate. This drives deforestation, increasing pressure on wildlife and a loss of indigenous cultures. 

Cool Earth’s third partnership in the Amazonas aims to address the immediate threats to the Cofan, Siekoya, Shuar and Kichwa indigenous communities. YAKUM works with experts from around the world to innovate in the fields of agroforestry, permaculture, community-led mapping, data collection and research to increase resilience, protect rainforest and local indigenous cultures.



During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, Cool Earth has committed to supporting indigenous peoples in Ecuador. Supply chains have fallen away, misinformation circulates and people in rainforest communities are not receiving adequate food supplies. This urgent need for food, cleaning products and basic supplies is a top priority. Find out how you can help:

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