Your Asháninka Impact Report
Autumn 2017

Your Asháninka Impact Report <br /> Autumn 2017
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You've diversified income streams

One of the biggest causes of deforestation is poverty. It’s no surprise that Cool Earth’s priority is to diversify income streams community-wide. Working with people to recognise the variety of existing skill sets within their community gives alternative options to selling their forest. By building skills to create sustainable incomes, money goes directly to communities and trees stay exactly where they should be.

You're connecting businesses

This summer, we’ve had some exciting new developments in the Asháninka. Following last year’s knowledge exchange trip, two new members and a plethora of new skills honed, the Jeto cooperative is going from strength to strength. Now, the group will be collaborating with Lima-based designer, CHINCHE to produce a bag collection.

New business skills

Ten members of the group took part in a series of workshops to discuss production. From development, costing and pricing, to deciding individual roles in the making process, all aspects of these workshops will be invaluable when offers of trade start to come through.

This news has a triple benefit; it empowers women, generates sustainable income for the community and raises awareness of the Jeto brand. And with leading members involved like Adelaida, Maria or Chabuca, inspiring others, the cooperative is bound to be a success.

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