Regular Donor Report: Awajún
Spring 2016

Last month was a special one for Cool Earth. We celebrated the arrival of the first commercial shipment of cacao beans from our Asháninka partnership. These magic beans have helped double family incomes in the rainforest so it’s a massive milestone for us all.

We’ve also started to implement a community led biodiversity monitoring project across all of our partnerships, which is really exciting. From spectacled bears in Peru to giant crowned pigeons in Papua New Guinea, the vast biodiversity of the rainforest you’re protecting is proof that our model is working.

Forest Fish Fingerlings

Fish Farming in Cool Earth's Awajun Amazon partnership

Last year, you helped our Awajún partner village of Huaracayo build a fish farm. Creating a reliable source of protein is a terrific way of taking pressure off the rainforest and this fish farm is the fifth you have funded.

As well as ponds, Huaracayo has used Cool Earth funds to build a new fish laboratory. This spring, it’s produced 50,000 fry, which as well as re-stocking the ponds can be sold to neighbouring villages. Gelson, the Awajún’s fish farm technician, call the fry ‘fingerlings’. The profits from these fingerlings have been reinvested in fish farm equipment.

weighing fish

The fish farms in the nearby village of Kayants have also been doing well. The school is home to a large pond stocked with Boquichico fish. As well as providing healthy lunches for the children, the school sells the extra fish and uses the money for school equipment and materials.

The success of the fish farm project has been overwhelming. The community association in our Asháninka project heard about it and decided to invest funds in their own laboratory. Gelson, fingerling expert, will travel to our Asháninka partnership to share their knowledge with the village of Cobeja. A sustainable source of protein and a new source of income is a double win for the Awajún, and for their forest.

fish farming

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Gelson Fish Farm technician in Cool Earth Awajun partnership
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