Your Impact
in Orangerie Bay

Last year, you did something extraordinary. You helped local people in Papua New Guinea protect their rainforest.

Without your support, the loggers that were at their doorstep would have cleared their land. But thanks to you, their forest is safe.

That’s not the best bit. By investing in Cool Earth’s award-winning model, your donation is changing lives as well as keeping trees standing.

Here is a snapshot of what your donation last Summer is now helping Orangerie Bay to achieve.

your impact in numbers

Your Impact </Br> in Orangerie Bay


A good education can transform lives. Yet, around half of Papua New Guinea’s children don’t go to school. And, 60 percent of those that do, do not complete the education cycle.

A lack of education leaves local people vulnerable to exploitation in many different ways, so our partner communities are making children’s schooling a top priority.

For the children of Wabumari, funding from Cool Earth means less time working and more time to focus on the things that really matter – like getting an education. That’s why, with your support, the Wabumari Association has awarded Silo Silo primary school K3200 (the equivalent of £750) to assist 16 students into further education.

football kits

For decades, football has brought communities together. In Cool Earth’s partnerships, football tournaments have attracted villages throughout an entire region to take part. And that’s why, with your help, Cool Earth has invested in The Saulea Skeepers – Wabumari’s top football team.

Football is more than just a game for the community, it’s about bringing people together. Now the matches are underway, more visitors are coming to Wabumari from neighbouring communities. Cake and clothes sales have increased.

Now that’s what we call a good score.

Your Impact </Br> in Orangerie Bay

QCC launch

This year Wabumari has joined the Queens Commonwealth Canopy, sealing them into a global initiative of forest protection and ecological conservation.

With a forest agreement underway, the community and Cool Earth had a QCC launch party, where guests arrived from all around Orangerie Bay to celebrate the protection of their rainforest.

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Your Impact </Br> in Orangerie Bay
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