Your Impact
in the Awajún

Last year, you did something extraordinary. You helped the Awajún protect their rainforest.

Without your support, the loggers that were at their doorstep would have cleared their land.

But thanks to you, their forest is safe.

That’s not the best bit. By investing in Cool Earth’s award-winning model, your donation is changing lives as well as keeping trees standing.

Here is a snapshot of what your donation last Spring is now helping the Awajún to achieve.

Your Impact in Numbers

Your Impact </br> in the Awajún
"For us the forest is very important because we live in it. It gives us medicinal plants, fruits, air and water. We have to think about our future. If we lose everything what is the future for our children? That's why we defend our forest"
Gabino Ipukui Yuu, Huaracayo Village, Peru

You’ve turned fish into forest

The demand for a sustainable source of protein puts a lot of pressure on the forest. Thanks to you, the village of Huaracayo has built a fish farm that’s raised 500 baby fish. This may sound like small fry but it means the village is now self-sufficient. What’s more, together with their village neighbours in Kayants, they have sold 100Kg of Boquichico fish in the local town. This big boost to family incomes helps keep the forest safe.

You’ve helped harness the power of sharing knowledge

Whether it’s clever methods of water storage or the smartest school toilets you’ve ever seen, neighbours sharing bright ideas saves rainforest.

Our Awajún partners wanted to learn more about Inga, a revolutionary approach to food gardens. Thanks to you, we were able to take some of the growers on a very special skills-sharing trip to visit the Inga Foundation in Honduras.

It was a week of firsts. The first time our partners had been on a plane and for most of them the first time in another country. But it certainly wasn’t the first time we saw local people working together to secure the future of their community.

We realise that our village partners know far more about how to protect their forest than we ever will. That’s why we put the control back in their hands. It’s why the model that you’re backing is the most effective way to save rainforest.

And you’ve kept rainforest safe

Awajun Rainforest

Thanks to your smart thinking, 40,000 acres of rainforest that would otherwise have been cleared are now safe and sound.

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Awajun men fishing with net in Kayants in Cool Earth's Peru Partnership
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