Lubutu Impact Report
Summer 2018

Lubutu Impact Report <br/> Summer 2018

Cool Earth is committed to sharing information openly, broadly and deliberately.

Over the past two years, we have focused on doing this, within the organisation and with our rainforest partners. We are now aiming to do the same with our donors and stakeholders. Cool Earth’s digital team is working on ways to close the gap between supporters and the people on the ground and in these quarterly updates, we hope to provide a true picture of Cool Earth’s successes and challenges.

In Peru, a review of funded activity has sparked the development of a new plan for the next three years. In the Congo, the first project phase is complete and we’re looking to the future. And in Papua New Guinea, lessons learnt with the Asháninka are helping to shape how sustainable livelihoods are built.

The impact of energy efficient stoves in Lubutu

Since 2015 Cool Earth has been lucky enough to work in partnership with Fauna and Flora International in The Democratic Republic of Congo. We have funded a community-led project in the community of Lubutu looking at reducing fuelwood use by introducing energy efficient stoves. Now this project is complete, 483 stoves have been built, and we can present some of the outcomes.

energy efficient stoves

Cool Earth is currently planning the next phase of the partnership with Fauna and Flora International and the communities in Lubutu. Developing livelihoods and access to markets will be the key to strong communities who can keep their trees standing.

fuelwood usage


With Cool Earth and FFI’s support, families in Lubutu can be financially strong and healthy, without damaging their greatest asset, the forest. Read more here.

Lubutu Impact Report <br/> Summer 2018
"I'm very happy for what Cool Earth is doing, especially with the fuel-efficient stove you bought us. Thank you very much for continuing to assist us."
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