Your Orangerie Bay Impact Report
Autumn 2017

Your Orangerie Bay Impact Report<br /> Autumn 2017
Your Impact

You're helping children in to secondary education

A good education can transform lives. Yet, around half of Papua New Guinea’s children don’t go to school. And, 60 percent of those that do, do not complete the education cycle. A lack of education leaves local people vulnerable to exploitation in many different ways, so our partner communities are making children’s schooling a top priority.

For the children of Wabumari, your support means less time working and more time to focus on the things that really matter – like getting an education. Even if children make the grade, issues like transport costs, food and school materials stand in the way of their progress. That’s why the community association has awarded Silo Silo primary school money to assist 16 students into further education.

Your Orangerie Bay Impact Report<br /> Autumn 2017

You're investing in people

Emma Daniada attends secondary school on the North coast of Papua New Guinea. The journey consists of a four- hour truck ride followed by another two hours by dinghy. Funding from the community means she can buy toiletries, school clothes and food – essentials that remote communities can rarely afford.

Thanks to your ongoing support, our rainforest partners can put education at the top of the curriculum.

Why education is key to saving rainforest

As rainforest destruction still accounts for a fifth of carbon emissions, educating the next generation to keep their forest standing is a priority for everyone. Every child understands how trees store carbon, create water and provide a home to the animals that are part of their daily lives. Reinvesting in the community by learning new skills is paramount in this process.

Your Orangerie Bay Impact Report<br /> Autumn 2017
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