Regular Donor Report: Asháninka
Autumn 2016


You need healthy villages to keep rainforest safe. That’s why finding simple ways of preventing disease is a big priority for Cool Earth. And what could be more simple than having somewhere to wash your hands?


80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. That’s why using soap and water to keep hands clean is the best way of avoiding the spread of bacteria like Salmonella and E.Coli. These particularly nasty germs can cause pneumonia and diarrhoea, which are the two leading causes of death in children under five

If you don’t have a water tap, washing your hands can be tricky. A bucket of rainwater gets contaminated and can be a breeding ground for mosquitos. That’s why Cool Earth are helping to install access to fresh water in villages across our partnerships.

But how do you find a way to wash your hands in such remote places? The answer is a tippytap. It’s a clever foot operated tap that can be made with not much more than a big plastic bottle, a couple of poles and some string.

Then you need someone to show you how to build it. That is why your support is training people like Adelaida Bustamante to help families build tippytaps for themselves and fight disease. At just a few dollars for every tippytap, we think we’ve found the best answer to cutting the spread of disease in the rainforest.

Your money, well spent.

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Regular Donor Report: Asháninka <br /> Autumn 2016
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