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Asháninka Winter 2016



At the beginning of the new year, take some time to explore some of the highlights from Peru that you helped make happen.

You strengthened families

Forest is only protected when families are strong and healthy enough to defend it. It’s no surprise that health and nutrition are priorities for all our indigenous partners.

Regular Donor Report<br /> Asháninka Winter 2016


Last year’s work in maternal health care means the babies born this year in our Asháninka partnership are healthier than ever. Great news all round, but extra mouths could put extra pressure on the forest. That’s why our partners have invested in increasing protein crops and sustainable hunting workshops, so a bigger population doesn’t threaten the forest.

You've grown incomes

The bulk of Cool Earth’s investments in communities goes towards building sustainable incomes. In the last year alone, income from cacao has doubled in Pajonal, helping the village become a self-determining, thriving rainforest community.

Regular Donor Report<br /> Asháninka Winter 2016


How do you increase crop yields without clearing forest? Using a miracle tree called Inga. As a bonus, it provides fuel wood and is climate resilient. No wonder our Asháninka partners invested in learning how to use this native tree this year.

You improved the health of the forest

The more biodiverse a forest is, the more carbon it holds. That’s why we use the health of the forest and the species in it as an indicator of the success of our partnerships. And when we find evidence of threatened species thriving, that’s an even bigger reason to celebrate.

Regular Donor Report<br /> Asháninka Winter 2016


Our indigenous partners know more about the forest than we ever will. That’s why they are the best biodiversity monitors in Peru. Armed with camera traps and laptops, our local team mates are sending back data from the forest, so we can prove that the forest’s health is improving under their stewardship.

And you've set the stage for the best year yet

It’s Cool Earth’s tenth birthday next year and we’re going for a step change in the way we operate. In preparation, this year we’ve welcomed new villages, new team members, and new ways of working. Together we’ll save a million acres in 2017.

Regular Donor Report<br /> Asháninka Winter 2016


Throughout this year our Programmes team have been working on refining our practices and producing an open source version of the Cool Earth model. This ‘toolbox’ will work anywhere in the world and will be available to any community who want to save their forest. Watch this space - we’ll be telling you much more next year.

Regular Donor Report<br /> Asháninka Winter 2016
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