Regular Donor Report: Awajún
Autumn 2016


Thanks to your support, so much has been achieved since we launched our partnership with the Awajún in northern Peru in 2013. From fish farms to foot bridges, community investments are building better lives.

The forest is some of the most endangered in Peru, with oil and gold extraction destroying vast swathes of community land. Nearly 40,000 acres of rainforest are under the protection of local people. And that’s down to you.

But that’s just the start. The local associations have big plans to make sure the forest is safe for generations to come.


Healthy families, healthy forest

What has a bar of soap got to do with the conservation of forest?

Humans are as much a part of the forest ecosystem as any other species. The villages that we work with have lived sustainably in the rainforest for countless generations.

Cool Earth knows that supporting the communities that live in the forest is by far the most effective way of protecting it for the long-term.

Providing simple, affordable health care to forest villages helps them to become stronger and puts them in a better position to generate sustainable incomes, ridding the temptation to accept money from loggers.

The greatest cause of infant mortality and sickness in the communities we work with is diarrhoea caused by bacterial contamination. This can be reduced by 90% simply by washing hands with soap. And healthy families mean healthy forest.


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