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Orangerie Bay Summer 2017

Regular Donor Report<br /> Orangerie Bay Summer 2017
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From a start-up bakery to the JODAN group, business is booming in PNG thanks to investment from Cool Earth.

In the midst of this hive of activity is an exciting new business venture, the STALIE women’s sewing group. This recently registered cooperative has approximately 20 members.

Meet Alusi Enoch of Wabumari

Regular Donor Report<br /> Orangerie Bay Summer 2017
‘The rainforest is important to me, I don’t want it to be destroyed because I want to get good air from my rainforest.’

Alusi is the women’s representative on the Wabumari committee responsible for supporting groups like STALIE develop businesses and income generating ideas. Working towards the sustainable livelihoods that keep the forest standing.


We caught up with Alusi to find out what the rainforest means to her

As a single mother of seven, life hasn’t always been easy for Alusi, but you can find her on just about every committee going.

 I’m 45 years old and I live at Wabumari. My work is I’m a leader for my community, a church leader, I’m a chairperson for our local church and I’m a deacon for our group and chair-lady for the women’s fellowship. And at the same time, I’m on the Cool Earth committee.

Why is the rainforest important to you?

I like living in Wabumari because I love my place, I love Wabumari better because I get everything free from Wabumari like fish, even food free, water, free, I don’t pay anything else.

 So, I like my place, Wabumari.

How do you work together as a community in Wabumari?

I love my community because we work together as a community, we discuss together as a community, we plan together as a community.

How does the rainforest help you?

I know about my rainforest that you don’t know because I got some of my herbs from the rainforest. When I get sick I go to the rainforest and I get the herbs, I drink, I get better.

Regular Donor Report<br /> Orangerie Bay Summer 2017
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